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P&C meeting dates for 2024

The P&C meets twice, during school terms in the MFS (Multi-Function Space) room in the Admin building and online. Meetings start at 7:30pm and finish around 9:30pm. All parents and interested citizens welcome!

If you have a suggestion or a great idea, share it at our next meeting! You can send your suggestions for an agenda item discussion to

3 reasons to attend a P&C meeting

  1. To get the inside scoop on happenings at SIHS

  2. To meet other members of the SIHS community

  3. To shape the future of SIHS

2024 Meetings

  • 22 February

  • 28 March

  • 23 May

  • 27 June

  • 15 August

  • 19 September

  • 7 November AGM

  • 12 December


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