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Trivia Thanks

Updated: May 11, 2023

That definitely was one of the better lockdown Friday evenings we’ve had, much pandemic pandemonium and so much fun that we might have to do it again!

Thanks to our host

So many thanks to our brilliant host, Wayne Shapiro from Trivia Madness (and a parent of our community), for facilitating the event. Some of us weren’t sure an online trivia event with 100 participants and 30 team members in breakout rooms could work.

We were so very, very impressed!

And to the winners ….

Congratulations to our first place getters, Big Maggots, named so in honour of SIHS production of ‘Matilda The Musical’, second place, Year 7 Uncoordinators, who proved truly formidable and third place, our basketball heroes, Heat Check.

Only slightly worrying, to our last place getters, Couch Potato Fries, who rounded out the third teacher team, commiserations! And, of course, congratulations to our enthusiastic winners of True/False, the Marais family.

We will be in contact with you regarding prizes.

The following local businesses generously donated vouchers and products for which we are incredibly grateful. Boxes of tea donated via Sharon (one of our fearless Yr 7 Coordinators) from Twinings/George Weston Foods.

Please show your appreciation by visiting their Facebook pages and ‘like’ or add your 5-star recommendation.


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