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The P&C is a community of volunteer members made up of parents/carers of students at St Ives High School that work together:

  • to promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation; and

  • to assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and in promoting the recreation and welfare of the students at the school.


There are a bunch of activities the P&C initiate/facilitate/coordinator to assist in developing a strong school community and partnership between the staff, the students, and the parents, for example:

  • P&C Meetings – P & C meetings provide a forum for parents to learn about the activities at the school, raise concerns and have input into the decisions affecting their children

  • Small Grants Program – Working closely with the Principal and Teaching Executive to identify and help fund an extensive and diverse range of activities and services for our students.

  • Uniform Shop

  • Events such as Year 7 Orientation Day, Year 12 Graduation, elections.

  • School Plan Consultation – Participation in consultative evaluation, planning and decision-making, every 3 years, to make sure the plan is based on the needs of all members of the school community.


Funds raised go to programs and initiatives such as:

  • Student personal development and wellness

  • Health projects: sunshades, sun safety, hand sanitiser, thermometers

  • Enhance teaching and learning

  • Music programs

  • Major project such as Air conditioning, school hall upgrade ($200K NSW My Community Project Grant), Community Hub Project ($164K grant + P&C )

  • School IT support

  • Events such as 12 Graduation


The P&C meets twice, during school terms in the MFS (Multi-Function Space) room in the Admin building and online. Meetings start at 7:30pm and finish around 9:30pm. All parents and interested citizens welcome!

If you have a suggestion or a great idea, share it at our next meeting! You can send your suggestions for an agenda item discussion to

3 reasons to attend a P&C meeting
  1. To get the inside scoop on happenings at SIHS

  2. To meet other members of the SIHS community

  3. To shape the future of SIHS

2024 Meetings
  • 22 February

  • 28 March

  • 23 May

  • 27 June

  • 15 August

  • 19 September

  • 7 November AGM

  • 12 December

Agendas, Minutes and Reports

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How do people become financial members of our P&C?

By paying the prescribed annual subscription (membership fee) of $1 to the Treasurer or nominee and their name recorded in the register of members by the Secretary. The register of members is updated at the close of a General Meeting and the close of the Annual General Meeting. The new member will be able to have voting rights in the following meeting. Any membership requests received between meetings will become financial at the end of the following meeting. 


What are the benefits of a financial membership?


  • A financial member is able to participate in the democratic decision-making processes of the P&C Association.

  • A financial member can be nominated and can hold an official position on the P&C.

  • A financial member who ‘consents’ to becoming a member of the organisation earns the rights and obligations under the law that regulates our P&C (ie. Federation of P&C Association NSW) and our own SIHS P&C Constitution.

NB. SIHS P&C ASSOC INC is a member of and follows the guidelines set by Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations NSW. Our constitution and by-laws are prescribed by Federation of P&C Assoc. NSW. For more info visit the P&C Federation NSW.




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