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This page highlights ways to connect with your P&C and Year Groups and some helpful school resources.




Nilu & Ali

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Mahsa, Christy & Kari

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Manami, Meredith,

Pouné, & Sharon

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Samia & Violeta

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Ali, Annalee, Kate

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Hannah, Danielle,

Rachel, Shweta, Saeed 

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Click the button and complete the form to keep up to date with P&C and Year Group activities, meetings and invitations to important events, study forums, and school surveys. (NB. For privacy reasons the school does not disclose student/parent details to third parties.)


The ‘Just One Thing’ initiative is based strongly on the ethos that when you contribute to your school, a positive connection is created that helps build and support the whole community.

The ‘Just One Thing’ initiative asks parents to commit to helping with ‘Just One Thing’ and might take the form of:

  • Volunteering for one-off events e.g. Election Day BBQs, Open Day, etc.

  • Attending P&C meetings

  • Participating in School Grounds Action Days (2-3 sessions per year)

  • Member of the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony Team

  • Uniform Shop volunteer

  • Liaising with your company/employer as possible Year 10 work experience position

  • Assist with writing grant applications

  • Join a planning group or participate in organising an event

  • Donating prizes for fundraising events

  • Contributing your advice and expertise in specialist areas such as graphic design, engineering, traffic, finance etc.

When you click to SUBSCRIBE, you will have the opportunity to indicate how you would like to contribute 'Just One Thing'. 

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