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Community Hub completed

A new Recreation and Community Hub (The Hub) was constructed during 2021.

$200,000 of P&C funds, school funds and a grant the P&C received from NSW Family & Community Services, supported the construction of this new light-weight building.

The Hub is located behind the school hall and replaced the ‘music box’. It is a ‘multi-functional’ space for students, teachers and the community.

The P&C aims to continually improve the resources at St Ives High. This is only possible through the support of families who pay the P&C Voluntary Contribution, as well as profits from the P&C operated Uniform Shop, hiring of school lockers, fundraising events, and external grants.

The Hub was made possible because our school community have contributed funds to the P&C and to the School’s building fund. Thank you for your financial support and we hope your children enjoy this new space!



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